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The lights are off, the building is empty.
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This is about me, on Bowie's influence on my life, as he was such a phenomenal influence on the lives of so many others.

I mean, seriously, how much art, how many films, stories, etc, that came out after say 1973 were influenced in some way or by some degree removed, by Bowie? How many people who have created great work since then were touched or moved by him? The man genuinely has moved from being mere human to being some sort of mythological figure that is larger and more all-encompassing.

So I have written before (I have probably written a lot of this before, but...) about how I saw David Bowie's 1980 Floor Show on The Midnight Special back in 1974(?) and how it quite literally changed my life.  It truly was a Kick In The Eye awakening, and I discovered Red Haired Freak Pride. And via Bowie I discovered so many other incredible and inspiring bands, films, books, ways of viewing the world.

More than anything or anyone else (except perhaps my grandmother) Bowie saved my life and made it.

In SC in the 70's, there weren't many Bowie fans. I knew of me, and a couple of college kids who worked at the local indy record store.  One of my things would be to run around to the various record stores when a new Bowie single was out, and pester them for some of the free promotional material that record companies would send out. I got a few very cool items that way. But a couple of times I would hear about a particular boy who got there first. I would be furious, and determined to track down this upstart who was copping my swag!

Months went by, and we often missed each other by minutes, as our competition grew. One particular store delighted in playing us off one another, telling us each that they had received X collectible, and betting on who would arrive first. Kinda funny in retrospect,but at the time neither of us was amused.

Then came the big Aerosmith concert! I dressed up and arrived early, b/c I wanted front row seats. The only other people there so early were a boy wearing a magenta jacket and scarf, with a great shag haircut, and his friend.  Boy and I eyed each other for quite some time, then eventually one of us approached the other. I don't recall who (sue me, it was 40 years ago!)  The dialogue was something sparkling like "You're that boy!" "You're that girl!" But instead of mutual hostility over the competition for items, we instead instantly bonded over our all-emcompassing worship of Bowie, and shared tales of the shrines we had built, the songs we loved, and all the wonderful things about him. We watched the show together, and soon afterwards were fast friends.  He introduced me to bootlegs, which opened a whole new world of Bowie live concert and rarities enjoyment!

On Bowie's birthday that year, which was fairly shortly after we met, we put together a huge celebration! This entailed lots of Bowie music (no MTV, no Youtube, netflix, or even VCR back then. How did we survive? Well, we did have cassettes and 8 Tracks. Never mind) And we hatched a plot: We would individually go back to that record store, pretend we didn't know each other, and throw a massive, dramatic "fight" in front of those salespeople who played us against each other! Which we did. And it was hysterical!  And we ran out of the store together laughing!  Then we took boxes and boxes of Mr. Bubble, and poured them into the fountain in the middle of downtown (no fish or living things in it) and watched the bubbles foam out and cover the entire block! And ran around singing Bowie songs at the top of our lungs!

We drove across the state to see The Man Who Fell to Earth. (We also discovered Rocky Horror together.) We dyed out hair and experimented with make-up together.  Years later he, me and the band followed Bowie on tour together, but only for about a week. We came home after Nashville - there was a cashflow and an I-was-gonna-get-expelled issue. 

In 1976 I was finally old enough to cajole my parents into taking me to Atlanta to see the Thin White Duke tour Too bad they thought 14 was too young for the Diamond Dogs tour. :(  I was wildly excited, and dressed so Ziggy it would have blinded you. OK, I was a little behind, but my enthusiasm was incomparable.  I was SUCH a teenybopper - I think I cried through the entire show. I met another girl there who was also a crazy Bowie fan, and we instantly bonded. She was also from SC, down near Charleston, I think, so we kept in touch and she visited me. Gary didn't like her. She got married soon after, and left it all behind her, and we lost touch.

It wasn't all fun though - Bowie fans were considered rather odd in those days, and I guess we were fairly odd for the demographic in any case. Even when we weren't stirring up drama, we would sometimes get chased out of malls for our outrageous attire, painted faces, and spiky hair. And Gary could flame with the best of them, and did. And I loved him for it. (though 16 year old me *was* a bit disappoint he would never be my "boyfriend." But we had a bond.

By 1978, I also had a band, and Gary was part of it.  We were called West Wall, and we were SO punk rock, in that very British way of being Punk Rock with a ton of Glam thrown in. And Bowie was touring touring again, and we were all GOING TO SEE HIM!

I don't recall all the prep details, but it turned out the four of us  riding smelly greyhounds & crashing together in hotel rooms that would have caused my mom to faint, but weren't really so bad.  Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprising, there was no "fooling around" going on, we were just all so focused on Bowie. The Nashville show was the big one, and we arrived super early, all decked out, to figure out how we could get backstage. We hung around for HOURS, then, at about the time of the soundcheck, some roadies or tech people came out, the door didn't click shut (such luck!) and in we snuck!  We were awed & excited, and then IT HAPPENED!!!

BOWIE HIMSELF came strolling back stage, fresh from the soundcheck. We tried to approach him, but were utterly paralyzed as we stood there gaping and stuttering. Yes, any semblance of being cool had deserted us.  Bowie looked over, saw us, and for a moment we were afraid he would have us thrown out. But instead, he just smiled and waved, and said "Hi kids,enjoy the show!" and kept on his way. Wow. What a kind, sweet thing to do.

Also backstage was another glitter boy, who had a camera. Later at the show, I approached him. He had been following since New Orleans, where he lived, and we struck up a conversation and exchanged info, Eventually he and I would become dear friends, and I stayed with him when I first moved to NOLA in 1979. He was also in bands there, and was quite a local popstar, as well as a huge Bowie fan. (I just discovered he still performs there, and has totally stayed true to it! Mad props to him!)

The show itself was amazing, of course, and worth all the trouble getting there, and all the trouble I would be in afterwards! And BOWIE SPOKE TO US!!! Dreams truly did come true!

There are so many more stores in my life, of the impact Bowie had, the people I met and things I discovered from his influence! Little stories, larger ones. Shortly after I moved to LA, being given an advance copy of Scary Monsters b/c one of my apartment mates was a reviewer, taking it to one of the Melrose shops to listen to, and meeting Patrick Mata, and bonding over Bowie. We became friends, & were briefly in a band together.

I haven't been an "active" Bowie fan since the early 80's. But his influence has always been there, in me, in people whose work I admire.
And now that he is gone from this world, I know that influence will live on in so many others. He was unique - yes, he wore his influences on his sleeves at times, but he also transformed them and made them his own, and other things he did and said were so uniquely his they will never be repeated. And he will never be forgotten. Potential to be a superman fulfilled.

"We can be Heroes"
"You're not alone, you're wonderful"
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Got this info from Lois2037. Please boost the signal!

The upshot is packages of cat and dog food all over the country have been found to be contaminated with webbing, larvae, moths, all manner of things that should not be in food. Animals have gotten dreadfully ill and some have died.

Please pass this info on to anyone you know with pets so that if they use this food, they can stop.
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Copied from feyandstrange

Originally posted by naamah_darling at Seattle kitty help desperately needed.
Okey-dokey. Here's the deal.

My friend Grace (aka snowcoma) still desperately needs to find a long-term fosterer for her kitties. Their names are Little Owl and Edward-Cat. They are in Seattle.

Grace is in about the worst place a person can be in. She's currently homeless, and while she has a temporary place to stay while she gets back on her feet, her cats are being boarded -- extremely temporarily -- at a vet's office.

If nobody can take them, they'll go to the shelter. We all know how overloaded shelters everywhere are. We all know what happens to adult cats in shelters. I don't like putting it like that, but . . . yes. At the very least, they would be adopted by gods-know-who and she would never see them again. That's unacceptable to me. No. That's just unthinkable.

Grace . . . Grace is extremely bipolar, like me, and like me, she relies on her cats for emotional support. Being separated from them is bad enough. The prospect of having them put down and losing them forever just because life is shitty and crazy is shittier is absolutely horrific. Like, I've had nightmares about it level horrific.

These cats come with character references out the wazoo. Neutered, shots, etc. Get along together just fine. Basically, perfect cats.

Guys. That face.

What we need:

Help finding them a foster home, long-term would be best, but at this point, we are just trying to keep them out of kill shelters. Local to Seattle-ish would be best, but if necessary, maybe we could get them driven out somewhere else. Maybe folks could help arrange transport. Grace can be reached at: 503-568-6660. She keeps odd hours, so don't hesitate to leave voicemail.


Donations to help keep them boarded at the vet's. It's about $28 a day for both of them. If you can donate to this, please contact Jillian aka cupcake_goth. Jillian's PayPal address: She's coordinating PayPal payments and acting as point of contact for home-finding right now.

Grace's e-mail, for questions about the kitties or whatnot, is

I've posted about this before trying to get them a permanent place to stay, and the best we've got so far is this (very much appreciated) temporary boarding deal. We really need to make this happen. Mostly I just throw the cat halp stuff up here and say "f-list, f-list, do as you will." This time, we need to make the magic happen. I need signal boosts on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Livejournal, and anywhere else you can boost it. I need a fucking miracle, Internet. I'm not just trying to help a friend, I'm trying to help keep a fellow lycanthrope from losing her heart, when she has lost just about everything else a person can lose.

Nobody deserves this. Nobody. Can we please make the world just this one tiny bit less cruel?

Here's the link again. Please spread it around.
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Primary themes were Time/time travel, Super Heroes, Transcendence, and just a little bit of zombie action cos Robert Kirkman was there.

David Watts - The Kinks
Roadrunner - The Pretty Things
Have Love, Will Travel - The Sonics
Journey Through Tyme - The Fuzztones
I'm Five Years Ahead of My Time - The Third Bardo
Daily Nightly - The Monkees
Somewhere Nowhere - The Chesterfield Kings
Mysterious Mundane - The EnigMatics
Eyeball Tickler - Oasis
Hush - Kula Shaker
Shadowline - The Fleshtones
Death and Angels - Green on Red
Zero Hour - The Plimsouls
This Ain't My Time - The Barracudas
When You Smile - The Dream Syndicate
Wild Teens - The Incredible Staggers
Mindreader - Ten High
Leave Me Alone - The Meteors
June Rhyme - The Stingrays
Teenage Kicks - The Undertones
Another Girl Another Planet - The Only Ones
Hold Tight - Dee, Dozy, etc
Dodge'm Dudes - Michael Moorcocks Deep Fix
Doctorin' The Tardis - The Timelords (KLF)
Somebody Super Like You - The Undeads (Phantom of the Paradise soundtrack)
Doctors of Madness- Doctors of Madness
Hang Onto Yourself - David Bowie
White Light White Heat - Mick Ronson
Ballroom Blitz - The Sweet
Vampire Money - My Chemical Romance
Crawdaddy Simone - The Horrors
The Man with the X-Ray Eyes - Jarvis Humby
Glendora - The Downliners Sect
Hot Rod Zombies - Wild Evel and the Trashbones
Formaldehyde - The Graveyard Farmers
Lies of the Living Dead - The Minus Five
Teenage Head - The Morlocks

Yeah, the last few songs are my standard closing tunes, but they are amazing songs & I love building up to them for the Big Finish!
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The Hunger Vampire Lounge presents:
VAMPIRATES! High Seas Blood Bath
Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bucket of Blood!

Friday, March 30, 2012
9:30 pm – 2:30 am
21+ with Photo ID
Cat Club
1190 Folsom St, SF 94103 (Between 8th and 7th Streets)
(415) 703-8964

$13 Vamped/Dark Pirate/Goth (General Admission)- $30 VIP Booty
$20 in street clothes

DJ Slaveboy (Wicked City), DJ Sparkle (Outpost23), DJ Glamtasm (Zombie Prom),
DJ Digital Druid (Spin This!), DJ gravedigger (Era Art Bar & Lounge), and DJ Capt Kaoss
Spin on two dance floors -goth : industrial : new wave : dark wave : garage

Lord of the Fangs
Vending by Korrupt Label
Vlad's Deep Sea Dungeon with Maestro Stefanos -
Vampirate Dancers -Tarot Readings -Mermaid Oracle-Costume Contest with Prizes-Raffle

Presale Tickets at Eventbrite for $10 General Admission/$30 VIP Booty

Meet-up Prior to The Hunger on Friday, March 30
Please visit Wicked Grounds Café (289 8th Street) to meet before the Hunger.
San Francisco’s first and only Kink Café and Boutique located at 289 8th Street, SF
They have a wonderful selection of coffees, teas, adult sodas
and bottled waters. The deserts are to die for!

Hosted by The Pagan Alliance. Fundraiser for the 11th Annual Pagan Festival and Parade, May 12, 2012 Martin Luther King, Jr. Civic Center Park, Berkeley
More information:
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Originally posted by [ profile] ofenjen at Lily Update
Lily got to see a vet today and has had an exam, bloodwork and x-rays. She's been vaccinated and tested negative for FLV. All good things. Despite her injured leg, she is a healthy and incredibly friendly kitten. My sister said the vet had a hard time hearing her heartbeat because she was purring so loudly.

Now, here's the crazy part.

If you get angry easily, you better sit down for this.

The problem with her leg?

She was shot. Her tiny leg is full of shrapnel from the elbow joint down. It's likely she'll have to have it amputated.

I have no words. A kitten. SHOT.

She will have a consultation with an orthopedic surgeons soon to see what, if anything, can be done for her leg. The current estimate for surgery is $1500. That is just the surgery and does not include today's exam and tests or having her spayed, which sounds like it will have to be after her leg has healed.

In defiance of the completely heartless idiot did this to her we, my friends, will do our best to put this right. My sister and her husband are keeping Lily. She has a good home, now we just need to help her get the care she needs. I have pledged to help my sister and her hubby in any way I can so we can help Lily get better and have a healthier, happier life. Altogether, her fees look to be in the $2000 range. She is young, and other than her injury, she is healthy, and she is undeniably a people cat and is already responding well to the love and care she's receiving.

To every single person that has already donated to help Lily, I thank you and my sister sends her thanks. I can't even begin to express in words how much your generosity means to us. We've already raised $140 towards Lily's care, and that is in less than 24 hours. YOU ALL ROCK.

If you're just now finding this story and want to hear the beginning OR make a donation, you can click here for more information.


I'd like to come up with some other ways to help Lily. If you have a suggestion of something that we can do, please let me know.

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Originally posted by [ profile] kylecassidy at Clark Kent still hanging in there
Clark can stand up today and is feeling much better.. Also the Humane Society is investigating pressing charges against the people who did this to him. I didn't realize this but the animal cruelty cops aren't funded by the state, but by donations. You can help stick it to Clarks former "owners" by going to PSPCA.ORG and donating for "humane law enforcement".

Add me: [LiveJournal] [Facebook] [Twitter] [Google+] [Tumblr]


Nov. 21st, 2011 05:10 pm
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Originally posted by [ profile] kylecassidy at post
Via Citykitties (emphasis mine):

A good samaritan found this cat today in a gutter by Clark Park, half dead. He is now at the Cat Doctor with a body temperature of 90 (normal is 102) and blood PCV of 8. The Cat Doctor housecat, Diamond, is currently donating blood to save his life. During the exam, the vet found that this cat has a microchip. When called, his "owners" reported that he was acting sick, so they put him outside. If this makes you as angry as it makes us, please channel your anger in one of two ways: visit our website at and make a donation to help us pay for his care, or share this post and encourage others to do so.

Click to donate.

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(Apologies for lack of pics - they don't come through for me anymore. Please see Cindymonkey's journal directly.)

Many of you know the saga of trying to get these cats adopted out. Their parents had to move and leave the cats behind for health and other issues. It's tragic on all sides, but most importantly, these are great cats who really really need a new forever home. The urgency got beefed up today when I got a call from the Oakland Animal Shelter.

Late this morning i received a call from Oakland Animal Services that due to a rescue of 100+ cats from a hoarder they will likely not have room for these three awesome cats much longer. The volunteer also let me know that 3 weeks in the shelter is proving to be very stressful on these cats who formerly has only lived with one owner in a very stable situation in their lives and that they need to find another option for them ASAP or they do risk being euthanized.

They are cats #3095, 3096, 3097 respectively. To rescue them call

Oakland Animal Services at 510.535.5602

They desperately need your help. Even if you can just foster them, I am still doing outreach to find them forever homes, we just need to get them out of the shelter so that they aren't destroyed.

They are sweet and good with all kinds of animals and all kinds of people. If you can please help - these are wonderful cats, and time is now short.

Even reposting helps to get the word out and hopefully find these great animals a new person to give them a loving home.

detailed descriptions of all three cats can be found:
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Originally posted by [ profile] digitalsidhe at Mississippi Personhood Amendment Close to Passage
Originally posted by [ profile] gabrielleabelle at Mississippi Personhood Amendment:

Okay, so I don't usually do this, but this is an issue near and dear to me and this is getting very little no attention in the mainstream media.

Mississippi is voting on November 8th on whether to pass Amendment 26, the "Personhood Amendment". This amendment would grant fertilized eggs and fetuses personhood status.

Putting aside the contentious issue of abortion, this would effectively outlaw birth control and criminalize women who have miscarriages. This is not a good thing.

Jackson Women's Health Organization is the only place women can get abortions in the entire state, and they are trying to launch a grassroots movement against this amendment. This doesn't just apply to Mississippi, though, as Personhood USA, the group that introduced this amendment, is trying to introduce identical amendments in all 50 states.

What's more, in Mississippi, this amendment is expected to pass. It even has Mississippi Democrats, including the Attorney General, Jim Hood, backing it.

The reason I'm posting this here is because I made a meager donation to the Jackson Women's Health Organization this morning, and I received a personal email back hours later - on a Sunday - thanking me and noting that I'm one of the first "outside" people to contribute.

So if you sometimes pass on political action because you figure that enough other people will do something to make a difference, make an exception on this one. My RSS reader is near silent on this amendment. I only found out about it through a feminist blog. The mainstream media is not reporting on it.

If there is ever a time to donate or send a letter in protest, this would be it.

What to do?

  1. Read up on it. Wake Up, Mississippi is the home of the grassroots effort to fight this amendment. Daily Kos also has a thorough story on it.
  2. If you can afford it, you can donate at the site's link.
  3. You can contact the Democratic National Committee to see why more of our representatives aren't speaking out against this.
  4. Like this Facebook page to help spread awareness.

You know this entry was originally posted at, right? You can comment there using OpenID, even if you have no Dreamwidth account (plus you'll get my niftier userpics!)... but commenting here is okay, too.


Feb. 9th, 2011 07:14 pm
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Originally posted by [ profile] kylecassidy at post
I'd posted a few days back about the fire at the Widmere apartment building and the pet rescue that was going on. Things have taken an ill turn. While a number of missing pets have been spotted inside the building, in the windows of their own apartments, and in the building by security guards, the city is refusing to let rescue workers into the building and is scheduled to demolish it, with these pets still trapped inside.

I know the thought of someone taking a wrecking ball to my place with Roswell and the others still inside would be worse than losing any of my material possessions.

Time: Saturday, February 12 · 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Location 4800 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA
Created By: City Kitties Rescue
More Info One month after the fire, cats are STILL ALIVE inside the Windermere Court Apartments! Read more here:

Despite obvious signs of life inside, no one took action--not the owners, not L&I, not the fire marshal, not the insurance investigators who all had access to the building. Just two days after this disaster, fire fighters said there was nothing more they could do and no possibility that cats could have survived.

Now the Windermere owners claim that the buildings' exterior doors are sealed and that L&I won't allow anyone inside ever again--and yet a maintenance man, security guards, and insurance company investigators have accessed the building as recently as today, Wednesday February 9th. Meanwhile, the owners are moving forward with demolition, knowing full well that there are still pets inside!

If you think this is wrong, if you care about the cats inside and the people who want so desperately to get them back, if you want to let the City of Philadelphia know that it should never happen again...

Join former Windermere tenants, neighborhood residents, City Kitties, and animal welfare advocates for a peaceful rally and protest:

Saturday, February 12 @ 2pm
4800 Walnut Street - in front of West Philly High School, across from the Windermere
Bring friends and signs

Add me as a friend on LiveJournal, Add me on Facebook, Follow me on Twitter.
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This is from one of the rescue people I work with.  Unfortunately, due to issues I'm having with picture posting, the pic is not attached.  Apologies .

Hello Fellow Feline Fiends and Friends,

I know it's not exactly the best economy to be soliciting friends for donations, but thought I would let you all know about an urgent kitty I'm trying to save from the shelter. Her name is Lizzy and she's about a year old. She was going to be heading to a cat rescue this past Monday but she tested positive for feline leukemia and the rescue didn't have the resources to take her.

The good news is there is a cat sanctuary that may be able to help. Agee Memorial Wildlife Fund near Sacramento takes in down-on-their luck kitties, ferals and other desperate felines.They are scraping for cash at the moment, but the director Cindy Minghelli wants to help save Lizzy. To take her she needs a monetary donation of a minimum of $500 to help pay for her care, which will likely be for the rest of her life.

If you or anyone you know can help, here is the link...

Just go to Cash for Cats and it takes you to the tax deductible donation information (PayPal). There is a comment box where you can indicate what the donation is for (Lizzy at Kings County Animal Shelter). Or you can email Cindy at  and she will keep track of donations for her permanent care.

Lizzy needs to get out Aug. 16, which is this coming Monday, so any help prior to that would be wonderful. Please let me know as well so I can keep track of how much I need to come up with for the $500 goal as the date gets closer.

If it's easier for those of you I will see before then to give a donation to me, I can just collect it and send it along when the shelter hopefully drives up the kitty on Monday. If you can't make a donation at the moment, please send some good thoughts for Lizzy.

I attached a photo and am also including it in the email.


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These cats need a foster sponsor asap to get them out of Kings county shelter by Monday.  If they are vouched for by someone who can take them in, they will be held another week.
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Because you must look at the cute kitteh pics and read their bios, and be seduced by the cuteness!
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* That editorial about the harmful lie that is the myth of the "No Kill" shelter in SF. Yeah, I think the Guardian or the Weekly did one a year or so ago, but people still seem to believe it. I spent 3 days last week (time btw I didn't have, and could have spent doing many other things, but did this because it had to be done.)rescuing a 12 year old cat that had belonged to a friend/client literally from the last minutes before the needle. Client had surrendered the cat with the idea that ACC would find her a nice home. She sat there for three weeks, and was going to be killed. It was only coincidence that I saw her picture, and was somehow able to coordinate with a person I work with who volunteers at ACC to hold the death sentence until I could get down there to fetch her, and the generosity of D&D for housing her while we get her healthy again, and figure out what to do with her. Meanwhile the client had NO IDEA what he was condemning his former cat to, because of the PR the shelter gets. The volunteer I work with said she hears the same story over and over - people who think their cats will get nice new homes, but get death instead. Some never know, and are living their lives La la la Fluffy has a new home and isn't my responsibility any more, and not giving it another thought. And poor Fluffy is in a cage wondering what she did wrong, and why the family who loved her for years doesn't want her anymore.

And even the most dedicated rescues can't pull everyone from the shelters, no matter how much we want to. For instance the shelter in Fresno is getting 50+ kittens A DAY!! Let me repeat that - FIFTY PLUS KITTENS A DAY! And they have one person who works with cats, one who works with dogs, a work-release prisoner who comes in at night and cleans the cages (I shit you not) and a vet that comes by once a month. They do not treat the sick ones, they just schedule them.

Older cats, they don't stand a chance. People want bitties, and they want to shop for them like they're shopping for a bag at fucking Macy's. They don't realize they are living beings with needs, emotions, personalities, and the way they interact shapes that. And that many of these cats are traumatized, so it will take time and patience.

Oh look, I've practically written the piece, just writing about writing it. It's hard, cos there's such a fine line between conveying the reality forcefully, but not being so bombastic that people's eyes glaze over. And most of these people, they're not mean, or intending to be thoughtless, but they don't know, and they don't think it through. So maybe writing about it a bit more will help educate people. I pray that it's so.

Also need to write

* The FAQ for ACHN

* Guidelines for what a client will want to look for/expect in a sitter

* Guidelines for what a sitter will appreciate from a client (such as supplying enough food, litter, litter disposal bags, clarity on extra instructions, etc)

There's other little pieces too, such as tips on grooming, etc, which will be nice for the newsletter.

But the emergencies keep coming and those have to be dealt with as they happen. And at the end of the day, there's so little time. Sometimes, I even take a bit of it for myself.
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ganked verbatim from Nisaa:

Please boost this signal:
15 dogs and 12 cats need emergency foster care

A fire has destroyed the Berkeley humane society's center, and they need emergency foster care for 15 dogs and 12 cats.

I'm adding: If you can't foster, donate! There is always a need for towels, blankets, food, dishes, etc, or just CASH, cos rebuilding will be costly, and given the "economy," who knows where the funds will come from. And these shelters are needed desperately!
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(this is a rare, non-friendslocked post cos it's *that important.*
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Courtesy of Lois2037 who did the research and found the links. Because people aren't the only ones there who are suffering:

Here's a some informative links relating to the newly formed Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti:

Repost this frequently and often.
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The set lists were kind of all over the map.  Even more than usual, I planned them, then went where the spirit took me.

But here's the closest approximation from my notes:

Haunted Fink - The Finks
Like Wow, Wipeout! - The Hoodoo Gurus
Shake - The Shadows of Knight
The Way You Touch My Hand - The Nomads
Journey in Tyme - The Fuzztones
Up and Down - The Chesterfield Kings (I noticed The Sermon's guitarist singing along to this - so endearing, someone else knows the CKs music that well!)
Action - The Lords of Altamont
Street Survivor - The Flaming Sideburns
We Are The One - The Avengers

soundcheck break

Born to Lose - Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers
Teenage Head - the Flamin' Groovies
Lies of the Living Dead - The Minus Five
Formaldehyde - The Graveyard Farmers
(I played something else here, not sure what)

Sermon set one

Legend of a Wheelman - The Fleshtones
Have Love Will Travel - The Sonics
Some Other Guy - The Hentchmen
I Can Only Give You Everything - Them
Sitting Here Standing- The Chocolate Watchband
St Louis Blues - The Flamin' Groovies
I Confess - The Lyres
Crawdaddy Simone - The Horrors
Pictures of Matchstick Men - The Chesterfield Kings
I'm Five Years Ahead of My time - The Third Bardo
Daily Nightly - The Monkees
Suicidal Flowers - The Crystal Chandelier
Soul Kitchen - X
Ready Steady Go - Generation X
Teen Queen Slasher Stomp - Thee  (Mighty) Uptight
Hang Up - The Cramps
Wolf - The Charms
Train Kept A' Rollin' - The Yardbirds
Route 66 - Them (and fade to)

The Sermon second set

And closing down set, mainly for the band's and my own entertainment

Chinese Rocks - Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers
Bangkok - The Nomads
Who Are The Mystery Girls - The New York Dolls
Devilgate Drive - Suzi Quatro
Hold Tight - Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich
Get Over You - The Undertones
Full Moon - The Horrors

Had some lovely brief chats with various folks about music, wish they could have been more involved conversations.  It was a true pleasure to spin for a band whose music I dig so much, and sfbaybe did a wonderful job of setting up and running the event, despite the foolish campus politics and noise complaints.

Next week - more trashy rock'n'roll from me to a backdrop of beyond the Valley of the Dolls, and New York Dolls performance clips.  I'm inclined to call it Beyond The Valley of the New York Dolls.  That's 5-7 pm, same Bat Depot!
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