Jun. 4th, 2010

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* That editorial about the harmful lie that is the myth of the "No Kill" shelter in SF. Yeah, I think the Guardian or the Weekly did one a year or so ago, but people still seem to believe it. I spent 3 days last week (time btw I didn't have, and could have spent doing many other things, but did this because it had to be done.)rescuing a 12 year old cat that had belonged to a friend/client literally from the last minutes before the needle. Client had surrendered the cat with the idea that ACC would find her a nice home. She sat there for three weeks, and was going to be killed. It was only coincidence that I saw her picture, and was somehow able to coordinate with a person I work with who volunteers at ACC to hold the death sentence until I could get down there to fetch her, and the generosity of D&D for housing her while we get her healthy again, and figure out what to do with her. Meanwhile the client had NO IDEA what he was condemning his former cat to, because of the PR the shelter gets. The volunteer I work with said she hears the same story over and over - people who think their cats will get nice new homes, but get death instead. Some never know, and are living their lives La la la Fluffy has a new home and isn't my responsibility any more, and not giving it another thought. And poor Fluffy is in a cage wondering what she did wrong, and why the family who loved her for years doesn't want her anymore.

And even the most dedicated rescues can't pull everyone from the shelters, no matter how much we want to. For instance the shelter in Fresno is getting 50+ kittens A DAY!! Let me repeat that - FIFTY PLUS KITTENS A DAY! And they have one person who works with cats, one who works with dogs, a work-release prisoner who comes in at night and cleans the cages (I shit you not) and a vet that comes by once a month. They do not treat the sick ones, they just schedule them.

Older cats, they don't stand a chance. People want bitties, and they want to shop for them like they're shopping for a bag at fucking Macy's. They don't realize they are living beings with needs, emotions, personalities, and the way they interact shapes that. And that many of these cats are traumatized, so it will take time and patience.

Oh look, I've practically written the piece, just writing about writing it. It's hard, cos there's such a fine line between conveying the reality forcefully, but not being so bombastic that people's eyes glaze over. And most of these people, they're not mean, or intending to be thoughtless, but they don't know, and they don't think it through. So maybe writing about it a bit more will help educate people. I pray that it's so.

Also need to write

* The FAQ for ACHN

* Guidelines for what a client will want to look for/expect in a sitter

* Guidelines for what a sitter will appreciate from a client (such as supplying enough food, litter, litter disposal bags, clarity on extra instructions, etc)

There's other little pieces too, such as tips on grooming, etc, which will be nice for the newsletter.

But the emergencies keep coming and those have to be dealt with as they happen. And at the end of the day, there's so little time. Sometimes, I even take a bit of it for myself.

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