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This is from one of the rescue people I work with.  Unfortunately, due to issues I'm having with picture posting, the pic is not attached.  Apologies .

Hello Fellow Feline Fiends and Friends,

I know it's not exactly the best economy to be soliciting friends for donations, but thought I would let you all know about an urgent kitty I'm trying to save from the shelter. Her name is Lizzy and she's about a year old. She was going to be heading to a cat rescue this past Monday but she tested positive for feline leukemia and the rescue didn't have the resources to take her.

The good news is there is a cat sanctuary that may be able to help. Agee Memorial Wildlife Fund near Sacramento takes in down-on-their luck kitties, ferals and other desperate felines.They are scraping for cash at the moment, but the director Cindy Minghelli wants to help save Lizzy. To take her she needs a monetary donation of a minimum of $500 to help pay for her care, which will likely be for the rest of her life.

If you or anyone you know can help, here is the link...

Just go to Cash for Cats and it takes you to the tax deductible donation information (PayPal). There is a comment box where you can indicate what the donation is for (Lizzy at Kings County Animal Shelter). Or you can email Cindy at  and she will keep track of donations for her permanent care.

Lizzy needs to get out Aug. 16, which is this coming Monday, so any help prior to that would be wonderful. Please let me know as well so I can keep track of how much I need to come up with for the $500 goal as the date gets closer.

If it's easier for those of you I will see before then to give a donation to me, I can just collect it and send it along when the shelter hopefully drives up the kitty on Monday. If you can't make a donation at the moment, please send some good thoughts for Lizzy.

I attached a photo and am also including it in the email.


Date: 2010-08-11 07:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Glamtasm, write to [ profile] kylecassidy (just go to his info page and send him an LJ message) about not being able to post a picture. He is very supportive of people helping cats (he's fostering two kittens right now and has cats of his own), and he's our user representative to LJ, so I'm sure he can be of some help with this. A picture of Lizzy would help bring in donations for her.

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